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Ensure the stable growth of import and export

Ensure the stable growth of import and export trade to foreign trade development mode change

Member of CCCPC political bureau, vice premier wang qishan March 31 to April 1,, in zhejiang shaoxing city, ningbo investigation, and seven provinces and cities at east China foreign trade situation forum. He stressed that the import and export trade for fast yet steady economic development, and for increasing employment and improve the livelihood of the people. According to the requirements of the central economic work conference and government work report of the deployment, WenZhongQiuJin firmly grasp the total fundamental key, firm the confidence and do everything possible to ensure the stable growth of import and export, accelerate transformation of the foreign trade development mode, and constantly improve the quality and level of the foreign trade with excellent performance meet the party's big victory at 18.
In the symposium, wang qishan listened to zhejiang, Shanghai, jiangsu, anhui, fujian, jiangxi, shandong and other provinces and cities is responsible for comrade of speech. He said, careful analysis to analyze the complex economic situation at home and abroad, from all aspects, little drops of mining potential, guarantee the implementation, make sure all import and export growth target this year. To maintain the continuity and consistency of export policy, implement of export tax rebates, trade financing various policy, intensify the large equipment export credit insurance support, and targeted to solve key industries and the practical problems of small and medium-sized enterprises. To enhance the level of trade facilitation, clean up all kinds of unreasonable fees, for foreign trade development to create the good soft and hard environment.
Mr. Wang said, expand imports is to change the way of foreign trade development, make full use of the international resources, promote the trade balance the important action. According to the requirements of the standing committee of state council, implement the strengthening of import policy measures. Adjust a portion of the goods import tariffs, for import enterprise provide financing, clear in the link of import unreasonable restrictions. Further optimization of import country and regional structure, and actively expand the advanced technology and equipment, and key components and energy the import of raw materials, moderately expand imports of consumer goods.
Mr. Wang stressed that business, customs, and quality control, financial and other relevant departments should further market and enterprises, understand the actual situation, solving practical problems, better service to enterprises and local economic development. The local governments at all levels should give full play to the initiative and creativity. Layers of all regions shall decompose indicators, implementation, be sure to complete the task has been determined.
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